I place an absolute premium on client satisfaction: I’m only happy if you’re completely satisfied. That may be why so many of the organizations which have worked with me are willing to offer testimonials like these:


It is truly a unique experience to be moved to action by speech alone, but James has the ability to enchant a room full of individuals simply with the emotional sway of his words.

– Charlotte Arsenault, M.Div, Harvard Divinity School

James Croft will make you laugh and make you cry. He will make you shake your fist in exuberance and in exasperation. James will give you a glimpse of a future that only a rational and compassionate, a humanistic, worldview can achieve…It is time to build the Temple of the Future and people like James are the architects of that future.

- Ian Dodd, Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica

James is an organizer’s dream: a pleasure to work with, and an eloquent speaker guaranteed to inspire audiences everywhere!

– Chris Calvey, Organizer of the 2012 Freethought Festival

James’ talk on the future of Humanism did an amazing job of inspiring and enlivening so many of us…His vision and voice are much-needed.

– Serah Blain, Executive Director, Secular Coalition for Arizona

James is a fantastic guest and a wonderful speaker. His talk on reason as a moral value was very well received.

– Sean Gillespie, Organizer of the 2012 Skeptics of Oz Conference

James was easily the best speaker in our lecture series, facing and enthralling a tough crowd! His knowledge and his passion made for an extraordinary evening.

– Ann McCann, graduate of the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine

 It was an absolute pleasure having [James] speak with us! I think [he] truly inspired everybody there.

- Richard Dewey, President, the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix

James was a fantastic addition to North Shore Community College’s Forum on Tolerance “Many Faith, One Family”… James spoke powerfully and with conviction.

– David Houle, Forum of Tolerance Organizing Committee

I have never seen our group give a speaker such an enthusiastic standing ovation!  They were energized and inspired.  James’ passion and clarity of message really shine through.  His mastery of the Q&A session was remarkable. Thank you James!  I hope you will return again soon.

- Anne Mardick, President, Americans United for Separation of Church & State, Greater Phoenix Chapter

James’ speech on Humanism in Art was intellectually awe inspiring.  His ability to draw parallels between historical works and what we can do through Art to help build a stronger Humanist community is why he is one of the most relevant speakers in the Humanist movement today.

- Mario Mouton, Lake Charles Freethinkers

Speaking eloquently and with passion, [James] challenged listeners to build a humanist community

– Linda Wendler, writing for the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix’s Website

James Croft is one of my favorite speakers. His talks are entertaining, informative and optimistic, but also serve as calls to action…When I listen to James I’m always prepared to take notes.

– Steve Ahlquist, a founding member of the Humanists of Rhode Island

 A big thank you for being so concise and informative and overall amazing…I’m really energized after the meeting. It was really heartening to see so many people engaging with your ideas!

- Aaron Keohane, Co-Founder of Cork Humanists

Behind the podium, James strikes, and maintains, a radiant balance between remarkably creative commentary…and delightfully captivating rhetoric and charm. He seeks not only to drive and inspire his audience, but to welcome them as comrades into his own journey. A voice that humanism, and society, should absolutely treasure.

- Walker Bristol, Tufts’ Freethought Society

James is a dynamic speaker: entertaining, upbeat and engaging. We look forward to having come back.

– Jennifer Brauer, Humanist Association of San Diego

James shared his own inspiring sense of how Humanists can take the lead in building a better, fairer, and more tolerant society.

– Amye, Founder of the Secular Student Alliance at University of South Alabama

A dynamic and inspiring presenter, James Croft shared profound insights, concerning the nature of Hope, and its significance to the human condition.

- Eric Steinnagel, Ethical Culture Society of Westchester

Thank you so much for your truly engaging and inspirational talk yesterday. Your analysis of how we need to engage people with more liveliness and passion hit the nail on the head!

- Andrea Perrault, Ethical Culture Society of Boston

“James gave an inspiring talk to the Baltimore Ethical Society that raised our spirits and strengthened our sense of purpose in building a vibrant community.”

- Emil Volcheck, Ethical Culture Society of Baltimore

“James Croft represents the highest ideals of Humanism and its future. His energy and passion for bringing together non-theists to build a better world, gives me the fire I need to be an active part of a Humanist 21st Century.

- David M. Beadle (The Secular Human)

“James is the most articulate and inspiring voice on humanism of this generation.”

- Evan Clark, Co-founder of The Humanist Community of Ventura County


I can’t thank you enough for your truly outstanding presentation/workshop Saturday morning.  There were many excellent points, of course, but what really blew me away was how perfectly (and subtly) your presentation itself was a demonstration of all the points you were making.  That is a REAL skill and it will make me smile for a long time just thinking about how perfect it was… Well done!!

– Lauren Becker, VP and Director of Outreach, Center for Inquiry


- My average evaluation score after presenting a two-day workshop on personal branding at the HEC Paris business school with the Act Your Success team


James is a coach extraordinaire!  I relied heavily on him to craft and strengthen several pitches for business plan competitions. He had an uncanny ability to cut away the excess and strip down the pitch to the most highly effective elements.  His incredible sense for how to build the content of my presentation into a vivid, gripping narrative enabled us to win thousands of dollars in prize money! Not to mention, his warmth, energy, and commitment to making sure you are the best make him a delight to work with. I cannot thank you enough, James!

- Megan Marcus, CEO FuelEd, winner of the second annual Harvard Education Innovation Pitch Competition ($6,000 prize) and the the Educational Services of America Prize for Innovation in the fields of Special Education and At-Risk Students at the 2012 Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition ($20,000 prize) after coaching

When I came to James I had a solid pitch that conveyed all the necessary information. James showed me that the information is only a small part — and helped me transform my pitch into one that really grabbed people’s attention. What a big difference!

- Michael Gelbart, Co-Founder of Youreka search engine, finalist in the Harvard Education Innovation Pitch Competition after coaching

Copy Editing

James has a brilliant command of written language. As an editor, the quality and tact of his critiques optimizes beyond the exceptional to the sensational! James has a captivating voice; technically deft and emotionally keen, his work is compelling and inspirational. I am elated at the work produced by this master wordsmith.

- Josiah Nosek, former Navy Group Supervisor on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower