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The Eight Elements of Inspiration – Solidarity

To pull or haul strongly and all together, as upon a rope, without the assistance of mechanical appliances.

- Definition of ROUSE, Encyclo Online Encyclopedia

We are powerful when we act together: that is the insight behind solidarity, the third element of inspiration. Like many of the eight elements, this seems obvious: people can achieve things working together which they cannot achieve on their own. Big deal. But the trick – the art - as a leader is to enable people to feel their solidarity at times when it is not readily apparent.

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Be INSPIRED – The Eight Elements of Inspiration

AROUSED, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do something, by or as if by supernatural or divine influence.

Definition of INSPIRED,

Inspiration has a numinous quality to it. We know when it comes upon us – the feeling of cold air on the back of our throat as we take a sharp intake of breath, the way we raise our eyebrows and our eyes go wide, the enraptured smile and amazed laugh – all these are the outward signs of inspiration. But what does it truly mean to be inspired, inside? What does it take to inspire others?

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