James Croft

Speaker, Teacher, Singer, Actor, Activist, Inspiration-Seeker

About James


James Croft - Actor, Teacher, Activist

Portraits by Felix Rust Photographers, FelixRust.com

 “It is truly a unique experience to be moved to action by speech alone, but James has the ability to enchant a room full of individuals simply with the emotional sway of his words.” – Charlotte Arsenault, Chaplain

Synthesizing his gifts as a speaker, his years as a teacher, and his knowledge of the art and science of effective persuasion, James offers more than simple “communications consulting”: he wants to help you inspire people. He offers proven techniques to help you or your organization articulate a vision and enroll others, lighting a fire in their heart and empowering them to act. Whether you need poetry to lift your spirits, a story to help you find your way, or a vision to reignite your passion, James can help.

From his earliest years James showed a prodigious talent as a
speaker. Now James uses these talents to help people unlock their performance potential, showing them how to use their body and voice to better communicate their ideas and engage others.

As a teacher, James has worked with people of all ages, teaching young children to sing and helping established professionals become more persuasive. James has a burning commitment to unleashing the astonishing power of human potential – a mission he pursues at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He can help you hone your message until it is so compelling people can’t help but follow your lead.

James is a gay rights and Humanist activist. James helps teach “Persuasion: The Science and Art of Effective Influence” with Prof. Gary Orren at the Harvard Kennedy School, and his first speech as an activist, “6.12 seconds“, has been used around the world to train change-makers in the art of Public Narrative. Now he can train you in the same techniques, ensuring that the values that fire you up find their most powerful possible expression.